Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Day My iPod Became Just Another Appliance

This is today as my iPod officially joined the rank of my electronic appliances that need to be reset from time to time. The screen had a bizarre circular shift of 15% to the left, showing part of the left side of the screen on its right part. Everything was frozen with the backlight on.

For the record, so far only my oven and my dishwasher needed a little reboot from time to time. Now they are three in the club! Interestingly, they are all reset using an odd combination of front panel keys. Appliance makers do what they can with what they have, but only a few keys are needed for this maintenance operation (look on Windows: Ctrl + Alt + Del do the trick).

My wild guesses concerning the cause of failure for these diverse but similar software controlled appliances:
  • Oven: heat excess in the control panel,
  • Dishwasher: humidity too high in the control panel,
  • iPod: overall system too cold as it stayed overnight in my entrance.
Oh the true happiness of modernity.