Thursday, December 28, 2006

NxBRE 3.1.0Beta1 Is Out

I have just posted a beta release of NxBRE 3.1.0, which is mainly intended for those interested in testing one of these two new features:
  • A regular expression matcher operator has been added to the Flow Engine (which is also available in the Inference Engine),

  • The implication scheduling in the agenda has been improved to limitate the number of fired implications, hence yield to better performances with large rule bases.
There is also a preview implementation of the RuleML 0.91 Naf Datalog adapter. So far, this implementation does not support the cool features of the new version of RuleML (like multiple named rulebases in one rule file or retract operations), then it is not worth using it. Hey, it's a beta after all!


adron said...

Hey David. I was just wondering if you ever got my e-mail via the sourceforge relayed message?

I've been working with the product and wondered how the work goes? Need anymore help/volunteers/assistance?

lemme know or adron at

David Dossot said...

Hey Adron,

If I did not reply to your email, it means that I never got it (or it got lost in the megazillion spam messages I receive every day).

Since I have less time to invest in NxBRE these days, help is of course welcome. There are some open feature requests visible on

Some core features (like adding support for RuleML 0.91 is pretty tough and will probably remain under my control). Others might be handled by contributors?


adron said...

Hey Dave,

I'm still working some with NxBRE on my own but at work I got hammered for suggesting an open source project as a solution. Who woulda thought. :(

If I get down to business and add anything I'll definitely take a scroll through the feature requests on

David Dossot said...

Fair enough!

Getting hammered for suggesting open source? How about changing employer?