Saturday, December 16, 2006

All I'm askin'

A recent and insightful Computer article from Stephen Jenkins (Concerning Interruptions) led me to rethink my authoritative position on working with headsets (read Kindly Kill That Headset).

I think the crux of the problem is not about knowing if programmers need isolation to avoid frustrating and concentration killing interruptions (this is granted), but actually respecting this need for isolation.

If everybody would respect this need by refraining from asking out-of-context questions (the most brain resources consuming ones) and by saving interruptions for better times (like planned meetings, lunch time or pit stops), programmers would need less to stick headsets on their ears and would therefore be more available for direct in-context questions from fellow team members.

Aretha was right: it's all about respect!


zepag said...

If this is a message sent to your neighbour at work, it would be a lot less offensive to say it directly ;).
I for myself do suggest that we all work in tubes and be swept out of them for lunch and meetings... This will not be creepy and greatly respectful ;). Plus we will less likely be sick at winter-time (no sharing of microbes).

David Dossot said...

Who are you talking about? ;-)

In fact, the article from Stephen Jenkins, where he says almost the opposite to what I said and also uses the argument of agility for it, made me think and try to find a common ground between the two views.

zepag said...

Maybe you can use just one earphone ;).

David Dossot said...

Sounds like a reasonable compromise ;-)

Anonymous said...


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