Monday, September 01, 2008

Reading Calendar Irony

My six readers (according to Google Reader), will certainly appreciate the irony of my reading calendar.

Here are the two books I am currently reading:

Isn't this coincidence really fun?


zepag said...

More than mere coincidence, this just means that you don't need to read those at all, for you now have the question and the answer with both covers ;)

David Dossot said...

True! And both the question and the answer come from Object Mentor's big brains ;-)

Carl Schmidt said...

Sorry for being pedantic, but is that actually ironic? I've always had a difficult time with irony. Regardless, it's certainly worth a chuckle. :-D

David Dossot said...

Irony is often assimilated as a form of sarcasm but it has a much broader sense. The underlying principle is the incongruity of certain contrasts.

Now, I am really pedantic!