Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can Mule Spring further?

Just wondering.

Mule 2 is already very Spring-oriented, or at least very Spring-friendly. Will Mule's distribution, which is currently a nice set of Maven-build artifacts, evolve to a set of OSGI bundles a la Spring for version 3?

If MuleSource follows that path and distributes Spring Dynamic Modules, that would allow people to run on the SpringSource dm Server, if they want it, and benefit from sweetnesses like hot service replacement.

I doubt that Mule could use SpringSource dm Server as a default platform unless they clear up what I think could be licensing incompatbilities. But end users could make that choice and put the two Sources, Mule and Spring, together.

Just wondering.


aperepel said...


If you are following the Mule 2.x development (and I know you are ;), you might have noticed that Mule 2.1.x already contains OSGi manifests for every Mule artifact. So, theoretically, you can use them together today.

Devil is in the details, however, as it's more complicated than just running it. That is our focus - to produce a services platform, not just a bunch of jars to run in OSGi framework.


David Dossot said...

Sweet, thanks for commenting Andrew!

Of course, I realize that turning Mule in a set of bundles is not just a matter of adding a few manifest entries. The definition of services is the real meat of the problem.

I reckon most of the moving parts (connectors, transformers, work managers, services...) will have to be exposed as OSGI services. And this is non-trivial to say the least.

In all honesty, I have not peered into 2.1.x but I was planning to, as the upcoming release will trigger a necessary update of the manuscript.