Monday, January 15, 2007

V for Vancouver

I am now entering the final countdown (3 days to go) before my departure to Vancouver, BC where I will start a new job and, hopefully, a new life! When you announce this kind of crazy endeavor, usually people go "wow" and say how great it is and also how so not for them such a thing would be possible.

The most common opposition is: "you know what you are losing but you do not know what you are earning". Well, I am all but an adventurer though, since I still try to start new software projects, I should have a good level of risk taking (or I am just a too naive). Besides, on a pure professional basis, I know what I am leaving behind (a great company with great people) but I also know that I am joining a great company with great people!

On a more personal basis, I hope to find over there a place for my family to call home, which would be a great gain for strangers and sojourners like us.