Sunday, January 21, 2007

Don't Be God Either

Though Google has agreed to work with NGOs to develop a code of conduct, some people keep suspecting the giant of Mountain View to nurture a secret agenda for world domination. Are they getting too suspicious or paranoid? Or are they seeing too small of a plot? After all, for Google, the world is certainly not enough.

I think that if Google was actually bound to drift away from its "Don't Be Evil" motto towards some more cosmic grand plan, the following would inevitably happen:

  • Google would buy T.G.I. Friday's but instead of renaming it GoogleRestaurant, as logic suggests, would simply redefine the acronym as "Thanks Google It's Friday",

  • Google would buy Godiva but instead of logically renaming it GoogleChocolate, would rebrand it as Googleiva,

  • Google would become the official sponsor of The Young Gods, but only if they accept the new moniker of The Young Googles.
Since none of this has happened yet, we can confidently consider that Google is still faithful to its core values. Isn't this heartening?