Monday, June 06, 2005

Get Out Of My Field!

So Martin Fowler reminds us what we all should already know, that people matter most. Why does he have to do that? Probably because in I.T. you very often face the situation where this obvious statement is loudly claimed while at the same time people are considered disposable. There is certainly an attitude problem, that finds its source in both the employers and the employees.

Employers: If I.T. is for you only a way to generate margin by selling at higher price what you have bough cheaper, please leave the field! We do not need you here, we all suffer from your cold cynicism: clients get infuriated because you sell rookies as experts, experts get mad at you because you break the market prices. Consider selling gravel and stones.

Employees: If software development is for you only your day activity where pride and thoroughness are excluded, please leave the field! We need a true mixture of professionalism and passion in here. We do not want bland little minds but people devoted to provide clients with the most efficient, most valuable and most durable solutions. Consider civil service in a governmental agency.

Thank you.

Gee! With a little more cursing, I could turn that one into a bile!