Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Dog Called Rover

I curse the day that I spent listening to Scott Meyers during the last SD West. Since this very moment, whenever I am facing arbitrary restrictions in a software, I am seized by Scott's spirit , turn berserk and start climbing up the walls shouting : Keyhole! Keyhole! Keyhole! That is pretty embarrassing.

What is a keyhole for a software? It is the poetic name Scott has given to such an arbitrary restriction. Text box too small, fixed-size windows, all these limitations that make life so much fun are keyholes.

Some are simply annoying, other are potentially dangerous.

For example, the last keyhole that drove me the Hulk-way, was the incapacity of Windows XP's new search facility to find string content in files whose extensions are not recognized by the OS. Why such a limitation? It made me miss important data because some files where found during the search. If none would have been found, I would have suspected a failure of the search engine, but in my case, the fact that the search facility returned arbitrary files that contained my search string caused me much troubles.

Keyholes! Keyholes! Keyholes!

And, believe me, swapping Rover (the animated dog) with Links (its feline counterpart) does not solve the problem.