Friday, June 17, 2005

Eurotrash in Euroland

Old habits die hard: Europe is once again on the verge of... of what? Nervous breakdown? Temporary malfunction?

In a world where compromise is not an option, the current tensions are not surprising. Our favorite politicians flex their muscles in Brussels to look like champions fighting for their own homeland, in order to appease nationalists and protectionists at home.

And all this costs an awful lot of money. Is it worth it? Yes, definitively. Burning billions of cash to feed and bread eurocrats is still much less expensive than risking war again. Investing money in such rooster parades, I mean, high level political talks, is worth each and every penny: let them meet, talk, get angry and reconcile... When they do that, they do not ask us to fight each other.

Talking about things that die hard, I know someone able to handle this eurotrash: John MacLaine! Beware politicians...