Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Read: Implementation patterns

If you are an aficionado of formal pattern books, you might be disappointed by the latest book from Kent Beck. This book is more about a mentor sharing his experience than a succession of diagrams, code samples and rules for applying or not a particular pattern.

In this book, Kent clearly took the decision to engage the reader in a direct manner: there is no fluff, just the nitty-gritty. Just years of experience and experiments summarized in less than 150 pages. I leave to your imagination to figure out how dense the book is. It is sometimes so rich that I came to wish that a little bit of code or a neat hand-drawn schema could be added here and there, just to make a particular pattern more edible for a slow brain like mine.

There is an intense tension in this book: I have been fulminating after reading some takes from Kent where he states counter intuitive approaches as far as defensive coding is concerned. And then I reached the last part ("Evolving Frameworks") and it striked me: so far in book, Kent was not coding for public APIs. And it striked me again: Kent is a master, he adapts his way of coding to the context.

Let Kent Keck talk to you: buy this short book and listen to what he wants to share with you.