Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Cuil Geared To Hidden Success

It took me a while to realize this but Cuil, the new flashy search engine that randomly displays porn and has a name that looks like the French word for an unspeakable part of the male anatomy, bears in its name the inevitable fate of a hidden success.

Let me explain. To succeed on the webernets, you need two Os in your domain name. Amazon made the risky choice of a M-separated-double-A and they surprinsingly do well, so far. But anyway, if we narrow down the field to search engines only, it is pretty obvious that the double-O is de rigueur for success.

So what on Earth did happen to the guys at Cuil? Well, you see, the trick is in the pronunciation. It is pronounced "cool". Here you go! The double-O, that was hidden in the domain name, becomes visible when you say it.

Consequently, a hidden double-O can only lead to a hidden success. Which is not a failure by the way.