Sunday, July 10, 2005

Summer Bloody Summer

So it's all wicked and bloody and sad, as a summer can be.

First, Paris loses the Olympic Games in favor of London. Personally, I do not really care nor know how bad it is, but according to people around me, it's pretty sad news, so I am emphatically affected.

Then, the morning after, London gets hit by terrorists and many people lose their lives. It seems that using the US Army as a bait in Iraq is not enough anymore: terror is coming back to us, as Al Qaida resumed their deadly agenda.

Only two flashes of light this week:
  • the European Parliament rejected Software Patents: that was enough of this non-sense that could only satisfy big corporate.

  • and the success of Deep Impact, a jolly NASA mission that consisted in crashing a probe on a comet.
Pfew, I just can't wait the autumn gloom.