Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Land of Possibilities

I am just back from my usual summer trip to the US and I have to say that, more than ten years after I started to roam this country, I am still very impressed.

Not only by the awesome landscapes I had the opportunity to discover in Utah and Arizona, but also by the spirit of the people. Let me detail a little.

There are many places in the world that you would like be emptied of the locals prior visiting: yep, I am thinking of France! Just imagine France without the French! As far as I am concerned, this does not apply to the US: Americans are really interesting people to meet and discover how they live.

The main driver I have discovered in the different places I have visited and people I have met is that things are possible there.

Roads are too narrow and create the heck of traffic jams? Let's widen them, let's build new ones! How about car pool lanes to encourage car-sharing? Ever dreamt of drive-in banks? It is there. Ordering Wendy's while refilling the tank? Piece of cake... Want a new job in a field where you do not hold a diploma? Who cares? Work hard, perform and you're in!

This country is a place where will in action produces results in order to make things reality, not any land but a true land of possibilities.