Friday, May 14, 2010

Just Read: Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring

Since Zabbix 1.8 came out, I have been wanting to upgrade just for the sake of getting the new and improved AJAXy front-end. Indeed, the Achilles' heel of the previous versions of this otherwise very solid and capable monitoring platform, was the poorly responsive GUI. But I kept pushing the upgrade for a later date.

When the good folks at Packt Publishing offered me to take a peek at their brand new Zabbix book, my procrastination was over. Equipped with such a complete and up-to-date reference material, I had no reason for not taking the plunge and upgrade.

This 400+ pages book is not only welcome as a supporting resource when upgrading, it is also a consummate reference guide that was much needed by all Zabbix users. I've found the book to be easy to read, as it is loaded with screenshots, but also one step beyond than a pure user guide. Indeed, the author covers general subjects about application monitoring: for example, the section on SNMP is actually a very good introduction to this protocol, with tons of hands-on example to guide you through the learning path.

On the down side of things, as it is often the case with technical books, I have found the index to be wanting (it's a little short and sometimes deceiving). This is not a big deal though because, in order to make the most of this comprehensive book, it's a good idea to get the eBook version and use full text search to reach the information needed.

Whether you're using Zabbix and want to deepen your skills or want to learn about monitoring in practice, this book will get you covered. And if you don't want to take my word on this, download this free chapter and see for yourself!