Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Two third of a Mule in Action

I am happy to report that two third of Mule in Action is now available from Manning's Early Access Program.

If you were deferring buying the book, now is a great time to part from a few bucks and get it! Indeed, you will find in these 280 pages a lot of practical knowledge about Mule that John and I have put together for your utmost enjoyment!

And just to thank you for spending your time reading this blog, I will share a little secret with you. If you use the aupromo25 promo code when buying the book, you will get 25% off the price. But please, don't repeat it.

Finally, just so you don't think it is all about money, you can always get the source code for the book for free. That is zero Dollar, which is also zilch Euro and no much more of any other currency you happen to have in your pocket.