Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last Night Eclipse Demo Camp

I attended my first Eclipse Demo Camp last night in Vancouver and it was really a great event! Of course, the profusion of food and beer offered by the Eclipse Foundation at the end of the evening surely helped building such a great impression...

The whole evening was driven by the Tasktop guys, which gave us a chance to get a feel of the interesting ecosystem that is growing around Mylyn. I would like to turn the spotlight on two projects which are worth discovering on your own:
  • Tripoli, an EclEmma-powered code coverage diff tool that allows you to pinpoint issues in an efficient manner.
  • TOD, a so-called omniscient debugger that allows you to do back-in-time debugging without a DeLorean (which made me think a lot about what ReplaySolutions is building).
These two projects are brilliant illustrations that academia can produce concrete results in software engineering. That is surely encouraging for practitioners!

As a closing note, if you happen to be in Luxembourg tomorrow evening be sure to hit the Eclipse Demo Camp over there. You will have a chance to see Pierre-Antoine and Fabrice live, which is really worth the trip!