Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One Step Further... Dynamism

So the buzz is all about using a mix of strongly and dynamically typed language in our applications. Is this really useful or is this just another hyped concept?

Well. Let us suppose that, while using our favorite ESB platform, we come with the need to invoke some remote EJBs. We would traditionally need to provide the client libraries to connect to our remote application server plus the required interfaces to cast dynamic proxies into something usable.

Now suppose we add JavaScript in the equation. In fact, if we use JDK 6, we do not need to add anything. We simply need to write a simple script that, thanks to the dynamic nature of the language, will not need any of the EJB interfaces to compile. Nor to execute. We will end up with fully functional EJB remote invocations without the hurdle of embarking extra dependencies.

The invocation chain that was dynamic down to the level of the local proxy can now go much further into your code without needing strong typing.

This might sound obvious to you: this means you are already addicted to mixing strongly and dynamically typed languages in your daily practice. Or this might sound to good to be true: then be my guest and give it a try. The only thing that is sure is: this is no hype.