Monday, January 07, 2008

8 Years Ago

Computer is running a very instructive column named "32 & 16 Years Ago". As a blogging exercise, I will do the same but, because I am not that old, with smaller powers of two (8 and 16).

To approach the things I was doing 8 years ago, I thought it would be interesting to see what happened to the domain names that was used in the startup I was involved at that time. For our new line of products, we opted for a Djinn-prefixed family of names, to express the magic of the stuff that was happening behind the scene.

At that time we had:

  • Webdjinn, a pure DHTML RIA platform, with automatic code execution balancing between the browser and the server. It was using an XML based language (that we named ApiML) to describe the application, its components and their behavior. Knowing that this was developed in 1999 and 2000, you can imagine the technical difficulties of developing such a project on the browsers and servers of that time!

  • Datadjinn, a SQL generator that was using a generic XML query syntax (that we named DQML), which was transformed into optimized native database queries. It was speaking a few database dialects and was used for the database connectivity of Webdjinn and of a pure HTML report generator we also built.
I leave to your imagination to figure out what was the fate of these bold endeavors... So what happened to their names? seems to be now used to host a link farm. Boo. had a better fate and landed in the hands of an Autralian "husband, web developer, human" who totally understood the value of the *Djinn pattern, as he created the cmsDjinn moniker for the "perfect Web Content Management System (CMS or WCMS)" he is creating.

Now, that is a bold endeavor!


Josh Devins said...

webDjinn Last Updated: 21st July 2006

I don't blame him...

David Dossot said...

He he ;-)

But I won't share *today* any of my CMS related feelings.

Maybe tomorrow.

Maybe not.

Jean-Luc Ensch said...

Hi David,

So your next + 1 post will be about what you were doing 32 years ago, right ?

David Dossot said...

Mmmhh... 32 will have to wait... for a little while. Give me 5 years.

Adrian said...

Wow. Didn't expect to find someone linked to - not yet anyway! Made my day...

David Dossot said...

It blew my mind too to discover the new fate of Webdjinn, especially after the long hours we pulled in 2000 to try to build something behind this name.