Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Will Find Your Bugs... Tomorrow

I have just upgraded to the latest version of the Findbugs Eclipse Plugin ( and landed in a terrible world of sluggishness.

The new version of the plug-in is so slow on my machine (a 10 months old Mac Book Pro with 2GB of RAM, running Eclipse Europa) that I had to reverse to the previous version of the plug-in ( I did not consider canceling the auto-run feature of Findbugs because I do not want to forget to run it: this is one of the interesting aspects of this plugin (without this option, I would simply uninstall the plug-in a rely on the Maven report that contains the same information).

Maybe the issue is visible because my project has a little more than 80 dependencies (the joys of open source). But the previous version was fast enough so something has probably went bonkers in the latest release of this very useful plug-in.

Any other one out there facing the same issue?