Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Moral Code 2.0?

Should software developers have a moral code about their coding? ThoughtWorks says yes, according to eWeek's "Toward a Discussion of Morality and Code" article.

Anything new here? Not for any member of the IEEE, as its Code of Ethics clearly puts forward values that constitute an inspiring moral code.

So is it worth mentioning ThoughtWorks position? Certainly, because our industry needs thought leaders that establish credible models to follow. Why is this? Maybe because software development is one of the rare professional field where someone can read a "Teach Yourself" book and proclaim to be a specialist the week after.

Nor surprisingly, this practice of over inflating skills is not rare and often even encouraged by software consulting firms, in order to seduce clients and secure contracts. Hence, an interesting question to ask Mr.
Singham back is: Should software consulting firms have a moral code about their developers?

His answer might also teach a lesson for others.