Friday, June 08, 2007

How To Always Look On Strike?

Follow the example of the world champion in the domain, i.e. SNCF.

Like them, implement some kind of lousy "not available" message to display if you hit your web site without typing www in the URL. Since many users now omit the dub-dub-dub prefix, your site (hence your company) will always appear under repair. Or on strike. Or both.

Try it! Click now!


Jean-Luc Ensch said...

This is quite dramatic, since in Europe, soon cars won't be allowed to drive more than 100mph. If, on top of that, trains stop communicating...
Looking forward to Gliese 581c

David Dossot said...

Talking about Gliese 581c, in case you are not a user of it already, I strongly suggest you download and install Celestia, a kind of GoogleUniverse that allows to explore space, including the aforementioned planet.

Caution: it is so absorbing you can spend hours drifting in space!