Saturday, May 12, 2007

Business Under The Sea

With his "Mobilis In Mobile" motto, was Captain Nemo the first modern agilist?

Whatever is your reply to this question, I think the famous sub-mariner deserves a little tribute. So what could be more enviable to proudly wear Captain Nemo's motto and crest? I guess nothing and if you agree then go shopping like frenzy in the newly open Nautilus Warehouse, a dedicated shop I have created on Cafepress.

Oh and if you wonder what is the outrageous $2 cap on each item for, then you will be happy to learn that the true tribute to this tormented humanist resides in this tiny cap, which will invested Kiva micro-loans. So this is for fun and a good cause.


Jean-Luc Ensch said...


Two things :
1. Change needs to be radical, e.g. from IT to opening a pizzeria or something.
2. Training should not be neglected, as I would not know how to bake 100 pizzas in 90 minutes.


David Dossot said...

You are tired Mr. Ensch: you comment the wrong post.

Anyway, switching to food business is probably a good idea, as people have this habit to regularly be hungry... and there are more and more people on Earth.