Saturday, August 12, 2006

Big Crunch Happens!

So, some say that if there is a big bang, there might even be a big crunch. I am far to be as versed in astronomy as Robert C. Martin (look closely at the picture behind him: it is a picture he took during his most recent worm hole expedition), but I must say that what I am currently observing in the code base of NxBRE might well happen for the universe as well. Or not.

Anyway, while I am working on the RC2 of the brand new v3.0.0, I am aggressively refactoring the code base, which basically translates into:
  • not adding any new features,
  • removing any useless code,
  • and simplifying everything that can be.
And I am amazed to see hundreds of LOCs and even complete classes going away!

This seems to be the fate of any software development project: after the big bang of features, bells, whistles and whatnots, a big crunch is bound to happen when enough significant milestones have been reached. At this stage, code smells can be merrily sniffed and dealt with.

Of course, this is only possible thanks to the wide test suite of NxBRE, which contains unit tests, white box tests and load tests.

Oh, what is the point of fixing it if it ain't broken? Well, let me give you the following reasons:
The plan is to have v3.0.0 out before O'Reilly's Windows Developer Power Tools comes out and a new crowd of developers start discovering NxBRE! Hopefully what will remain after the big crunch will still be working ;-)