Saturday, July 15, 2006

Coming to the Rough Cuts!

Jim Holmes and James Avery new book, Windows Developer Power Tools, has hit the O'Reilly Rough Cuts, where its chapters will be progressively released.

Chapter 18, covering the vast of subject of Frameworks, will include a section titled "Externalize Business Rules with NxBRE". You can imagine how excited I am: after almost three years of hard work and thanks to the continuous feedback of an excellent community of users and developers, NxBRE is reaching a new level of visibility: an O'Reilly book!

This chapter has not made it to the Rough Cuts already but it is on its way. I will update this post when it will be there.

In the meantime, you can also browse the TOC of the book to discover all the gems waiting to be discovered in it!

[Update 20-JUL-2006] The book has a jolly cool cover!
[Update 19-AUG-2006] The book is now in pre-order on Amazon.