Wednesday, November 05, 2014

yopa is (almost) Your Own Personal AWS

If you're using AWS SQS and SNS for more than trivial things, you've probably wished that you could run your queues and topics locally, and be able to peek at the message flows happening in topics subscriptions.

Enter yopa, a local SQS and SNS simulator whose sole purpose in life is to make developers' lives easier! Open sourced by Unbounce and coded in Clojure by yours truly, yopa builds on the solid foundation of ElasticMQ and adds its own SNS implementation.

Granted, yopa only supports SQS and SNS for now so it's light years away from truly being Your Own Personal AWS but, hey, let's start small and see where it goes. And actually, there are already discussions about adding support for some EC2 and S3 APIs features as well.

So if you're using SQS and SNS, please give yopa a try! Pull requests are more than welcome.

PS. Oh, there's also a Docker image available...