Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why Software Craftsmanship?

If you wonder why is the Software Craftsmanship movement valuable, Calvin and Hobbes have the answer for you:

© 1996 Bill Watterson


Nick Zhu said...

lol, i have to admit they just nailed it so very nicely.

Kevin Taylor said...

Having pride in your work usually requires that you receive some recognition for delivering something tangible (working software).

Assembly line programming, where developers are cogs in a wheel, very effectively rips the passion and pride from all but the most dedicated craftsmen.

Thanks for sharing the comic.

David Dossot said...

I agree, Kevin. Companies have developed a scheme of compensation that encourages people to stop being "makers" in favor of becoming "make-doers".

The same way we appreciate and remunerate a skilled cabinetmaker, we should treat talented software craftsmen the same.