Friday, October 24, 2008

Just Read: The Productive Programmer

In this concise book, Neal Ford shares his hard gained real world experience with software development. Because he is consulting for the best, his experience is diverse and rich, hence definitively worth reading.

This book feels a lot like "The Pragmatic Programmer Reloaded": same concepts with updated samples and situations. It is a perfect read for any junior developer, as the book will instill the right mindset. It is also a recommended book for any developer who struggles with his own practice (all of us, right?) and want to engage the next gear.

Personally, having attended some of Neal's conference speeches and being somewhat an old dog in the field of software, I kind of knew where he would take me in this book hence I did not have any big surprise nor made any huge discovery while reading it. This said, three chapters are truly outstanding and can talk to experienced geeks: "Ancient Philosophers", "Question Authority" and "Polyglot Programming".