Saturday, May 24, 2008

Heron, Gentil Heron

This is a follow-up for my last rant about how an unhappy Java developer I was on Leopard. I just had my first week of work with Hardy Heron running on my MacBook Pro and I am so glad I went through the few hours of setup and configuration: this bird really flies!

Gone are the feeling of clunkiness and resistance Leopard was giving me: things flow so easily in Ubuntu that I actually forget about the OS. Of course, I turned off all the fancy schmancy visual effects and activated just what is needed to jump between applications and desktops with a few key strokes.

I can now enjoy standard Java JDKs, too! It is a pretty good feeling to be back to year 2008.

In the migration, I have lost Entourage, which is in fact probably a blessing. I now use Thunderbird IMAP-connected to Exchange and have a Firefox tab opened to the Outlook Web Access 2007 (pre-web 2.0) interface to access my calendar.

The only application I will sure miss is the excellent Omnigraffle Pro. Any decent alternative on Linux?

So after this trial, I decided, Gentle heron, that I will not pull the feathers off your head.


Tan said...

That sounds pretty neat, congratulations on your joyous rebirth. Is it ironic that your super expensive laptop is now running the cheapest O/S?

David Dossot said...

Truly ironic.

More ironic is that I would happily trade this hardware for a cheaper one, provided it has roughly the same size and weight and an NVidia graphic card instead of ATI.

Even more ironic is that this super expensive hardware is the only laptop I ever had whose HDD died on me. And this only after 13 months of usage.

But, I must admit that the back lit keyboard is neat.

djebar said...

For information
dell will lauch an low cost umpc (mini-inspirion) this year.

nb currently i use hardy heron it to play&enjoy with grails --)