Monday, October 15, 2007

Today is B.A.D.

Indeed, this is Blog Action Day and bloggers all around the world talk about the crucial subject that environment is.

What could I say that has not been said before? I do not know so here is the picture of a salmon I took yesterday afternoon in the creek that flows next to my house.

I wish many wild salmons to the next generations.


Perrine said...

What a piece of chance to have salmons next your home.
Say "No" to fish farming, it is the biggest threat to the wild fishes because of diseases.

Jean-Luc Ensch said...

Uuuuuh around my house, there are cows, lots of cows, artificially growing corn and wheat.

Wildlife has totally disappeared. But soon we well get robots to replace the missing animals.

Cheer up

David Dossot said...

Is wild life always desirable?

Of course we are glad to roam freely Western Europe woods, from which we have exterminated wolfs, bears and other pesky creatures.

On the other hand, the Earth is also theirs. So we must learn to respectfully share it and restore it when we went to far in our "civilization" frenzy.