Saturday, November 04, 2006

New Position: File Name Manager at Oracle Corp.

  • Rename Oracle JDBC driver file names so they actually differ between different versions,

  • If possible, improve the manifest files so there is more difference than the "Implementation-Time" attribute between two different versions.
Required skills:
  • A true desire to help developer teams and production departments making sense of the different driver releases.
Disclaimer for the slow brained: This is a hoax. I took the decision to create this position simply because someone had to do something.

To fully enjoy this post, go to these pages (9i, 10g & 10gR2) and download the different versions of the JDBC driver: you can not miss them, they are all named ojdbc14.jar. You can then try your skills by figuring out sensible names for these files!


Ashkan said...

LOL! You hit it man =))

David Dossot said...

I am glad you liked the joke ;-)

Let's see if anyone in Oracle stumbles on it and reacts!