Saturday, June 03, 2006

Si Senior!

At one point of time in my career, I started to consider myself as being "senior" in my profession. I thought I knew it all and nothing was left to discover, very much like the way scientists at the end of the 19th century were thinking.

Then I discovered OO and Java. Ouch! Landing was tough, a brand new world was opening up and it was vast. But it was also fun and rewarding to discover so I started to climb the learning curve.

At one point of time in this learning curve, I started to think I knew enough and, again, I started to consider myself as a "senior".

Then I met genuine seniors and gurus. Ouch! Landing was tough again! And its taste of déjà vu was, if not frustrating, at least vexing because I hate to redo the same mistake twice, like anyone of us...

What lesson could I possibly learn from these mistakes?

Well, nowadays, I really dare introducing myself as "senior" but simply because I have definitively stopped to consider myself as being such.

I am just walking the path of learning and discovery, I know it has no end and, therefore, is much bigger than me. Isn't this seniority?