Saturday, November 12, 2005

Wish Kids

Does anyone remember the Whiz Kids? This TV show has been a flop: one season and off it went... But for me it was a true revelation.

I think this show hit France a few years after its US release. At this time I was already hooked on computers, or at least what we used to call "computers" at this time (I am of course talking about the electronic spawn of Sir Sinclair).

Everything seemed possible in the Whiz Kids: pervasive computers were the key of all the plots and the sun was constantly shining above these smart young Californians.

I reckon that I must blame this show for having set my mind on two major wishes: become an expert in taming computers and relocate to California... So far, it is a 50% success (the geographical part of the challenge remains unfulfilled) ; should the show have taken place in Anchorage, I sure might not be eager to reach the 100% target!