Saturday, May 28, 2005

Old School

So today I went out to watch the latest adventures of the most famous asthmatic of the galaxy (or is he famous for his black clad?). Anyway, after asking for a ticket, the cashier asked me if I wanted the digital version (for an extra 50cts) or the 35mm film version? What the heck?

Hint: I am the kind of guy who, when finding an interesting article on the net, prints it out to read it. Now you understand the title of this post: I am pretty old school, on some subjects at least. And by the way, Joel, thanks a whole bunch for having printed-out your blog. I finally had access to this masterpiece of wit and wisdom.

So what did I answered to the cashier? Something like: Keep your over-head-projector de-luxe session for bit-maniacs and hit me with a ticket for a true cinema projection. I want the click-click and the spots and the hairs. And I want the color palette to change when the roll changes. Oh yeah, this is old school too.